Philadelphia Freedom Org
"Ideal Org" Renovations Project


We feel very privileged to be a part of this Church at this particular time in its history. We have all of LRH's amazing technology available to us, which has been made so accessible as a result of the Golden Age of Tech and the Golden Age of Knowledge.

And, we need to share this life-saving, life-enhancing technology with the WORLD.

Helping to provide the monetary resources for a new org building affords us the opportunity to participate in taking responsibility for our neighbors, or communities and even our state. The new building will be a beacon of light and hope to people who are so desperately looking for solutions to their problems. The building represents sanity and an oasis from the relentless assault of the reactive mind on mankind!

--- Bruce and Sue Moore

Donating for our Ideal Org was not about a building. It was, and is, about spiritual freedom - yours, ours, and that of our loved ones. Simply opening one's eyes to the world about us, it becomes abundantly clear that we live in a world very much in need of change. Our effort and donation was grounded in the belief that the change the world so vitally needs is found in the legacy left to us by LRH. Believing also, as LRH states, that "Scientology is the most vital movement on Earth today," we took to heart his request:

"We only expect of you your help in achieving our aims and helping others. We expect you to be helped."

--- L. Ron Hubbard

Richard and Maria Walicki With the recent purchase of our new building on Chestnut Street, literally a few blocks from Philadelphia's City Hall and in a location exhibiting a lot of foot traffic, we have an opportunity to create an area-wide Mecca for solutions to life's many challenges. The opportunity is for real this time. This Ideal Org will be a safe-haven to which we will be able to send our friends, our family and, yes, even strangers for help. When they arrive, they will know they are in the right place. The building, the displays, the atmosphere, all of it will say "You are here. You are safe. There ARE answers to your worries." Above all, we will be able to deliver Standard LRH tech on a broad enough scale to see effective change. We need and want this and know others do too. And so, we sacrificed and donated. If making a donation means you can't buy that new gadget, or take that trip you were thinking about, or maybe you'll have to put off decorating the guest room, well, think about it. Really, think about it. When you're done with this body, what will you want? A new laptop or certainty that you and others you care about will have a better world - with Scientology - to return to.

--- Richard and Maria Walicki

The reason Marina and I decided to contribute to the Ideal Org Building is simple: it's our responsibility. There are plenty of external sources working busily at trying to tear down our society and these sources are real. When we really took a look at who was going to do something about it, there was no one but our group. We, the Scientologists, are it.

Recently we have all witnessed chaos and outright suppression in our economic markets. We all have friends and often family members who are being duped daily by the medical profession, the politicians, the educational system; they are not the solution. We are! And we can do something about it.

If you are waiting for things to get better all on their own, it will not happen. Do the following. Take a good look around and see who is helping, and then decide to help that group. There is no better cause.

--- Chuck and Marina Simon

Leo and Christine McCormick Wow. We actually have a building. A big building, and the future home of the Philadelphia "Ideal Org". Christine and I have worked very hard and have stretched greater than we thought we possibly could. But, now we need to do more to get that building into action.

Let's really be on the forefront of the greatest movement man has seen in the last 2000 years. When we are done, we could be a bit poorer, and will likely have some sweat on our brows and our tongues hanging out, but our hearts will be filled with the knowledge that we were there.

Together we can do it. We can make the difference.

--- Leo and Christine McCormick

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